Why we do Judo!

Judo is many things to many people. The training and development of Judo offers students the opportunity to have fun as a team, get in the best shape of their lives, compete at local, regional, national and internationally sanctioned tournaments and learn a safe and effective martial art that is practiced the world over. Judo is the second largest sport under soccer on a global scale. The season is never over and everyone makes the team. For some, Judo is way to improve their lifestyle and be part of something healthy and positive! Stop by and see what Judo will do for you or just call for more information. Don’t wait. You can change your life right now! KIDSAJJA

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  1. One of, if not the best school I had the chance to train. Amazing and passionate training skills and teaching approaches. Sensei Al and Sensei Eli will definitely provide you with a lifestyle change. Dont wait.

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