Summer’s Almost Here

As it is warming up we are all thinking about the beach, the lake, the pool and the water park. Have you been thinking about your evenings? We have! Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are here in Summerville for everyone to enjoy. Get in amazing shape with our complete grappling program. Learn from expert instructors. Compete and have fun! For those of you going out for wrestling in the fall, Judo and BJJ can take your game to next level. Competing with our Nationally ranked body of competitive students and instructors will push you to the limit and teach you things you just wont learn anywhere else! For those of you that have never tried a combat sport, you will ease into the beginner program and in no time at all become a competitor and enjoy all the recreational benefits of Judo and BJJ. American Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Academy is here to offer unlimited training opportunities that can help you reach your fitness and competition goals. Give it a try for free and if you don’t mind working out and putting in some sweat equity then we can guarantee we will turn you into a more fit and more prepared version of you in no time. It also doesn’t hurt to feel great and look good in a bathing suit, right? See ya on the mats!judo-beach_98301-480x360

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