Reaching the Community

2014-03-27_12_2.31.30 This week, we performed a demonstration at Gregg Middle School (Summerville, SC) for their Health Fair. We wanted kids to get a chance to see Judo and BJJ up close and realize the healthy lifestyle they promote. For seven, one hour classes we showcased throws and grappling techniques to display the level of conditioning and skill that practicing Judo and BJJ provide for those who take the journey. 1100 kids “oooohed and ahhhhed” at the hard falls and slick submissions. Mostly, they asked how bad it hurt. We explained that the first thing you learn is how to fall (Ukemi) without being injured and how to train safely under the supervision of professionals.

At American Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Academy, helping the community is foremost in our mind. We created our schedule and tuition to make our classes easily accessible to anyone of any background. The positive effects training has on teens especially is amazing. You arrive to a culture of respect and discipline and are challenged by mastering something that simply takes time and dedication. Goal setting, positive outlook, perseverance and work ethic are just some of the life lessons taught in Judo and BJJ. The nutrition and exercise associated with competing make it an all around benefit to the practitioner for life. We make the world a better place, one student at a time and help people become the champion of their own life! Train Hard, Help Others and as always, See Ya On The Mat!

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