Junior Programs

We have 3 distinct Junior programs for different ages and abilities! Everyone is welcome at AJJA and we work hard to cultivate a family atmosphere and a team culture built on strong character and values. Check us out for free and see how much your son or daughter loves Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. They’ll have so much fun, they’ll forget how hard they’re working out!2016-fall-schedule

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  1. Hi, Can you tell me a little about your kid’s classes? My son is 7 will be 8 in April. I am looking for something that will help him to learn to sit still a bit, lol. When are the classes for kids and your fees? Do I need to make an apt for when he will come in for a free week or can we come anytime? What is best?


    • Donna, I passed your information on to Sensei Eli. He runs the kids program and will be in touch with you soon. Your son is the perfect age and is going to love it!

  2. Hello,
    My son who is 9, is currently attending another local Judo class. He is a 2nd degree orange belt. I was wondering if he were to change classes would he lose any rank? And the same question if he were to switch to BJJ. My son is very shy, and needs something to break him out of his shell. We just attended the clinic in Lexington on 3/29/14 and were impressed by the focus that the kids had. We’d like to come try your class. Please let me know when I good time would be to try out for a week.



  3. SGT Sawdey, Michael J II

    I have a 6 year old girl who hits 7 in Aug I want her started on some training to train up on fitness, Defense training, As well as learn to respond to commands. I am currently active duty and have not had much time to do any real training with her myself and I feel she could use this training during the Summer to keep her busy and get her out of the house. I am not sure what would be better in the long run Judo vs Jio-Jitsu. Pls send me a Email with basic information.

  4. Shawn

    At what age should a child start attending classes? Thank you.

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