Judo & BJJ Diet

healthy foodsEating a balanced diet is important for everyone. Whether you are an elite Judoka, an elementary school teacher or a builder, eating a balanced diet will mean you can perform everyday tasks to the best of your ability.

Eating a balanced diet means you will be getting all the essential nutrients needed for your body to function to the best of its ability. Making healthy food choices will ensure that you have enough energy to get through everyday life as well as enough energy to train to the best of your ability while on the mat.

A balanced diet takes planning, time and organizational skills but the reward of feeling awesome will greatly outweigh the hassle of eating a good, healthy, balanced diet.

Eating a balanced diet has been proven to lower the risk of illnesses such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Eating a balanced diet means eating a variety of different foods. This is not only beneficial, but you will not get bored with eating the same thing day in, day out.

In preparation for some Judo competitions I make sure that I know how much I am weighing a few weeks out form competition. Therefore it is important to be eating well and get the most out of the foods I eat.

Not only that, but the meal is extremely beneficial to lowering inflammation which is a leading cause in injury, I will also have a side of fish oil supplements to help not only with my recovery but in lowering the overall inflammation within my body. This is something I believe all Judo players should be aware of, and certain foods such as sugar, grains and dairy can really promote inflammation within the body which doesn’t help with injury prevention.

As a Judo player, recovery is extremely important, so is making weight!

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