Creating Champions On And Off The Mat!

kids competeOur Junior Program gives kids the chance to learn from Champions. They don’t just learn how win at a tournament, they learn how to win at life. Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teach kids how to think critically, how to prepare for obstacles ahead, how to overcome adversity, how to be confident and fearless and to trust their coaches and their team. We know there are a lot of sports to choose from. Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are year around with an impressive safety record and an international community that may only be matched by Soccer world wide. While training is a team effort, competing is a something that a student must face alone on the mat. Their coach and team may be cheering from the sidelines but they are the star during their match. Everyone makes the team if they want to be on it. Some kids just want to learn and don’t like competition. We can help these young men and women become champions as well! The physical and mental health benefits of martial arts are well documented. Articles like the one below are all over the internet! Check it out!

“When considering extracurricular activities for your children, to boost not only physical health but also mental health, consider activities such as Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Providing a health benefit, many families are turning to martial arts as not only a recreational activity but one that fosters an improvement in overall health.


So, how do martial arts improve the health of parents and their children? First, there is a notable boost in self-esteem. Because martial arts are commonly taught as a method for self defense, both parents and children often experience a boost in self-esteem and confidence after completing several sessions. This is especially true for children who are generally considered to be unassertive. With lessons in martial arts techniques, your shy and timid child will soon become more assertive in varying aspects of life outside of the classroom.

Since martial arts programs tend to focus on defense programs, many parents find the programs are useful in assisting children who may be victims of bullying at school. Without teaching a child to become aggressive, martial arts can provide your child with the necessary tools to ward off the school bully through a powerful mind and body connection.

In terms of physical and psychological help, martial arts have been shown to make a profound impact on children, and adults, with ADD and ADHD. Because children who suffer from ADD and ADHD commonly lack the ability to focus and concentrate, martial arts, through repetition and structure, provide some structure and focus to the student’s life. Ultimately, this may help the child, or adult, apply those same principles in their activities outside of the classroom thereby alleviating, or controlling, the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. ”  – Christine Cadena

All-Star athletes and kids that have never gotten off the couch can all benefit in our grappling programs! Give us a chance and we guarantee we can create champions, on and off the mat!



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