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Summerville, SC

June 14, 2014

(Please share this email with black, brown, and green belts in judo and/or jujitsu, in your club or clubs in the region.)

Certification is for USJA brown and black belts, in either judo or jujitsu.

I will be teaching this same course at the 2014 June Greatest Camp near Charlotte, NC.  You can take it there if you miss this offering in Summerville on June 14.  Taking this course before camp saves you eight hours at The Greatest Camp on Earth, time you can spend attending other activities.   

If you are not going to camp, this seldom-offered course saves you having to travel a great distance to take it.  Very few individuals are authorized to teach this course.  

There is a nominal $5 clinic fee to cover sanctioning expenses!  Other coach course instructors charge $50 or more for this.  I work hard to keep expenses to a minimum for all of us! 

The course certification fee is $30, to send in when you wish.  Most pay at the conclusion of the course, though you may mail in paperwork with the certification fee at any time.  

Green belts in judo and/or jujitsu may attend but may not submit paperwork until they earn a brown belt in either art. 

The $16 Background Check fee is required of all who teach and of all who are black belts.  Anyone wishing this USJA Coach Education Course credential — our most prestigious document — must have a Background Check already on record or must pay to have this done, at your leisure.  The background check validity is for four years.  Most of you already have completed this, and it still is valid.

Effective recently is another requirement to complete the online SafeSport program, at on the Internet.  That costs $12.  Do that at your leisure and submit to the USJA office the completion certificate.  When this has been done, along with the background check, the USJA will process your Coach credential. 

Don’t forget to send in a head and shoulders photo of yourself by email, if the USJA office does not already have one on file.  

Badges are available from the USJA National Office, valid for four years, cost $25, for those who feel a need for them.  Most times these are not necessary.

Whether you teach, assist regularly, fill-in occasionally, or are simply a brown belt or black belt student working out and/or competing, this course is important to your judo development.  Things you learn will enhance your judo growth and directly benefit you, your club, and your sensei.  Most of the course takes place in a classroom environment, though we will have some mat sessions.  This course covers much material. 

Most who teach or assist in instructing never have attended a college of education to take courses in pedagogy.  This course addresses:  teaching techniques;
 foundations of learning;
 harassment; bullying; legal issues
; methods of grouping students;
 course and individual class preparation; lesson planning;
 responsibilities; negligence;
 chaining; individual needs; and differences in learning styles. 

This is considered continuing education, to refresh yourself on material, and to learn what works and what doesn’t.  It exposes attendees to a different aspect of judo and/or jujitsu — instructing.

You will earn clinic attendance points toward your next judo promotion and, upon course completion/certification, Service to Judo points toward future judo promotions.  Those who have taken the course are welcome to attend/audit as a refresher or to renew at the same certification level.

If you took this as a brown belt, your certification level would have been Level E.  The level nomenclature has changed, so all going through this will earn level 1 certification.  Those renewing would earn level 2.  Those already certified must attend one more course (this one) for renewal.

We will complete this in one day, beginning early on Saturday, June 14.  It will be an eight-hour event.  We may ask someone to run to the Mexican establishment across the street with orders from attendees, to bring back grub to munch as we cover material.  Feel free to bring snacks to gobble and/or share.  Bring something (non-alcoholic) to drink.  Judogi is required. 

I will give attendees (not those who audit and not to those to whom I already have given) two free books:  P.M. Barnett’s JUDO GROUNDPLAY and Sam Allred’s DYNAMIC SELF-DEFENSE.  I also will give out a free judo calendar; though outdated, it is a collector’s item.

Anyone wishing to audit may attend, and also participate as students in the mat evaluation mini-class exercise during which each participant will demonstrate teaching style and skills in a five-minute session.

All candidates should read Coach Education Committee Chairman Bill Montgomery’s Coaching Guide, available on the Internet (under Programs, Coaching, Coaching Guide).  I have sent this Coaching Guide to prospective attendees via email.

WHO MAY CERTIFY:  USJA brown and black belts in judo or jujitsu.  Green belts may participate, and if/when they become brown belts in either judo or jujitsu, they may submit the signed-off paperwork and be certified.  The USJF accepts this course, too. 

WHO MAY ATTEND:  Interested others may audit the course.  Those with expired or expiring course credentials should attend to recertify at current level.  Those with current accreditation receive continuing education credit.

LOCATION:  American Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Academy, 3208 Mill Street, Summerville, SC  29485.  Contact Eli Fletcher for directions at (501) 844-1883.

TIME:  8 a.m.  – 5 p.m.  Kindly be punctual.  We have considerable material to cover.  Estimated ending time is 5 p.m., though we may finish earlier.

CLINIC COST:  $5.  Current USJA membership is required.  If renewal is needed, the cost is $50 for annual members, $30 for (sustaining activity fee) life members.  Background Check, if not already completed, $16, valid for four years.
  Course certification fee to be sent in with paperwork at any time, $30.  The certification fee includes a certificate and judogi patch.
  SafeSport online course completion, that takes only a couple of hours, costs $12 and can be done after the course. 

I look forward to seeing you at the clinic!

BRING:  USJA member card (if insurance has expired, you may renew insurance, payable in cash or via credit card, on site); snack to share; beverage of choice; judogi; notepad and pencil or pen.  Bring other eligible course candidates from your club or a club near yours.

RECOMMENDED TEXT:  Rainer Marten’s 3rd edition of Successful Coaching.  Bring it if you have it.

INSTRUCTOR:  Ronald Allan Charles, Ph.D.  Course content changes somewhat from time to time, which is why judoka and jujitsuka retake the course for continuing education, to refresh and also to learn new things about teaching.  My doctor of philosophy and two master’s degrees are in education, so I am trained to teach teachers how to teach. 

This course teaches participants how to teach.  It does not teach specific judo techniques, rather the principles of imparting material from the source (instructor) to the recipients (students) and the responsibilities of presenting a class or program.

Former Coach Education Chairman Bill Montgomery recommends the following:

Taking a USJA Coaching Certification Course?

Here’s what you should do to prepare:

As you prepare to take a coaching course, there are several things you should do prior to the course itself:

·    Make sure you have read the USJA Coaching Guide.  It can be downloaded from the Coach Education Committee page on the USJA web site.

·   Purchase Successful Coaching, 3rd edition, by Rainer Martens (2004, Human Kinetics).  Please read this prior to attendance.  As you do, reflect upon where you are as a coach/instructor.  What is your coaching philosophy?  What are your strengths?  Upon what would you like to improve?  What questions do you have?

·     Make sure that your background check is up to date.  The application can be filled out at the time of the session, but it makes things more efficient if you have this done ahead of time.

·       Ready yourself to actually take part in the mat sessions.  Observation is fine, but all candidates must be on the mat.  If you have a physical limitation, accommodations can be made, but you should be actively involved as much as possible.


Further information:  Call Eli Fletcher at me at (501) 844-1883 or


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