Brown Belt Promotion

Brown Belt Test April 2014Congratulations to our newest Brown Belts! Dustin Peal received his Nikyu (Second Degree Brown Belt). Deron Ellington received his Sankyu (Third Degree Brown Belt). Thurston Linning received his Sankyu (Third Degree Brown Belt). Their test was amazing. They each demonstrated fifty throws as well as chokes, submissions and pinning combinations. This achievement is the result of hard work, dedication and countless hours of mat time.

Sincere appreciation goes out to the instructors who traveled in to sit on the evaluation board. This included Sensei Ben Bergwerf 9th Degree Black Belt in JuJitsu and 8th Degree Black Belt in Judo, Dr. Ronald Allan Charles 8th Degree Black Belt in Judo and 6th Degree Black Belt in JuJitsu and Renshi Curtiss Robinson 6th Degree Black Belt in Goshin-Jitsu. These high level black belts were impressed by the technical excellence and physical prowess of the Brown Belt Candidates and even recommended that they were beyond their new ranks in skill! This is a great honor for our club and these young men to have such distinguished members of the martial arts community feel so strongly in the quality of our program!

Al Jacobs and Eli Fletcher are the head instructors at AJJA. They could not have been more proud of Dustin, Deron and Thurston. The brown belt candidates demonstrated a great variety of technique at an expert level. The time spent on the mat shows and is a testament to the point that if you trust in the process, come to practice and try your hardest you will progress and become an expert one day.

Congratulations again guys! You Rocked The House!

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