AJJA Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

Conduct of students

  • Be on time for class.
  • All Judoka should ensure a high standard of personal hygiene when attending training sessions.
  • The Judogi should always be clean and neat and properly worn.
  • Always face your instructor whenever he is talking.
  • Always call your instructor “Sensei” (pronounced “Sen-say” which means teacher).
  • Always show respect for your instructors and others.
  • There will be no talking during class instruction and during the practice
  • While watching, students will sit either cross-legged or on the heels or stand as instructed by the “Sensei”
  • Students must stop all activity immediately upon the command “Matte” (pronounced “Mah-tay” which means stop).
  • The courtesy of bowing will be observed at all appropriate times
  • Swearing, harsh and vulgar language will not be tolerated.
  • Horseplay and fooling around are strictly prohibited.
  • Always be careful and look out for your fellow judoka.
  • No one will leave the mat without first gaining permission from one of the instructors. The one and only exception to this is in the case of illness a student may leave immediately without seeking permission.
  • Students may not leave the mat to go to a parent or to the edge of the mat to talk to a parent without gaining permission from one of the instructors.
  • Students are expected to take care of water and toilet needs before class and during breaks.
  • Judo is not to be practiced or played with outside of class.
  • Food and drink are not permitted on the mat.
  • Students must pay attention at all times.


Courtesy & Respect
Judo remains the most courteous and respectful sport in existence today.  The etiquette of bowing demonstrates the courtesy of and respect for Judo, Judo Sensei’s and other judoka. Bowing in Judo equals to the  handshake and has nothing to do with any religious practice.  The courtesy of bowing will be observed:

  • When entering and leaving the mat.
  • At the beginning and end of classes.
  • Before and after practice or sparing with a partner.
  • Before and after contests.
  • Before and after receiving promotions and awards.

Conduct of Parents

Parents are invited and encouraged to watch classes.

However, we have certain expectations of our parents as well.  These expectations are as follows:

  • Parents are expected to get their children to class on time and to pick them up on time.
  • Outside of class, we expect the parents of our judoka to reinforce the conduct that we expect from our students.
  • In class, we expect parents to not intervene under any circumstance in order to allow our instructors to maintain the control of the class.
  • Parents may not call their children to the edge of the mat or off the mat without gaining permission from one of the instructors.
  • Parents may not come onto the mat without permission from one of the instructors.
  • Parents may not offer instruction to anyone.
  • Parents may not criticize their children’s skill or performance.
  • Parents are expected to enforce the rule of no practice or playing of Judo outside of class.
  • Parents are expected to display respect for Judo, the coach/instructors and other Judo officials at all times.
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