Mutual Welfare and Benefit

group ajjaAt American Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Academy part of the pride of our program is our diverse group of students and instructors. Martial arts can be for anyone! We have a large staff of black belts at our disposal each night. Many of us are from different parts of the country and have different backgrounds professionally as well as in our training. The one thing that brings us all together is the love to help kids and adults find what what works for them in Judo and BJJ. A passion, love and respect for the art can be felt on the mats any night of the week. From our highly knowledgeable 8th Degree Black Belt (Hachidan) Dr. Ronald Allan Charles, all the way to our newest white belts, everyone brings something special to the table at AJJA! You can’t get better without training partners that want to get better and push you in the right direction. Beginner to Master, this is a club that will help you grow into a stronger competitor, instructor, recreational martial artist or maybe, just a better you. With an emphasis on exercise and real life application, our realistic methods of instructing and training will better prepare you for whatever the world throws your way. We believe that in order to improve the mutual welfare and benefit of our community, it starts at the beginning of every class and never ends. Training minds and bodies is our opportunity to help the world, by bettering the individual. Our group is ready to help you! Stop by anytime and be a part of something great!

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